The Product Style Affiliate Wordpress Plugin - Reviewed For Affiliate Promoters

It looks like the drop of the global economy has brought on an explosion of affiliate marketers on the online marketing scene. The supply of tools and solutions for affiliates truly has never been greater. Today, very successful web marketer, Ryan Stevenson, has developed a new, powerful and versatile product called, The Product Style Affiliate Wordpress Plugin. Since the mid 1990s, Ryan continues to be doing quite well as an affiliate, product developer and Amazon Associate where he has tremendous experience and expertise. We cannot hope to talk about all aspects of this plugin, however we prepared this review so you can decide if you want to find out more.

Ryan designed this plugin to operate properly with Wordpress blogs from 2.7 to the latest version. Needless to say Ryan has went on to update his plugin, so no worries about forward compatibility with upcoming Wordpress releases. We all understand about terrible documentation with different kinds of products, and that is not going to be any kind of trouble here due to thorough user instructions. Ryan makes sure you have no troubles since he gives you an educational PDF, plus the same details are shared on the plugin website.

The primary benefits of this plugin are many and all aimed to maximize conversions. Since he has been doing well at this for around 15 years, it is safe to suppose he understands all about conversion optimization. First, recognize that you will possess full control over the look, feel and layout of your advertisements. Also, you will be given a lot of freedom since the plugins support Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction ads. The plugin's admin section is where you custom develop your own HTML ads and have control over your ad variations. Ryan has said that he thinks affiliates will know greater success, and conversions, when they are able to exercise full design control for optimum integration across a wide range of site designs.

In order to give you this amount of control and functionality, you will work with the Admin Section to input your ad specifications. For example, you can adjust ad settings, categories for your products and all proper product fields observable for display. One potent feature involves selecting the countries in which you want your advertisements to be viewable. Some well known online marketers have talked about how much can be earned with foreign market segments, and that is especially applicable to Amazon marketing. You will have the ability to exercise full control over your marketing campaigns in foreign marketplaces. However, this particular function relating to other countries is geared for Amazon Associates, only.

The full range of ad style factors include use of images, of course, and also a number of ad box border measurements, widths and shades. You can decide your background colors which involves using a header background for use on your ads. If you're an Amazon Associate, the Product Style Plugin features Amazon "Enhanced" ad options. So if you choose to run Amazon Enhanced ads, then you can do even more with them on your website.

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